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Recycled graphite printing

Everybody knows graphite. Have you ever think to use it as a printing method, though? We have, and we did it first. g_label® is our latest offer for a sustainable product made up-cycling the wasted graphite powder, in collaboration with Perpetua® the pencil.

g_label® can be printed with any shade of grey. The best result is achieved by combining natural materials -jacron, bamboo, hemp, cotton- with this printing method, leading to the ultimate eco-friendly creation.

The essential idea is to collect something that would otherwise be dismissed in landfills and convert it into another product to be used. We were looking for it and now we have it: one product, nearly endless possibilities. We are ready to share it, are you ready to join it?

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Green PU leather

Could an oil derivative become a fair vegan good? As a matter of fact, today it is so: this new creation is a PU material made of vegetal polyols, and was not existing, until now.

Despite this apparently difficult origin and description - polymers from raw plant-related renewable materials - its performance is easy and brilliant: a vintage look, thanks to the presence of special waxes, gives it a natural pull-up effect and it can be hot printed as real leather.

Our research and concern for environment kept being directed towards the respect of it and the support of eco-friendly materials. Viridis represents the outcome: our new animal free PU leather.

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Shout out to this leather

Well known by the denim tradition and always been used by the most important japanese brands, this label seems to be able to catch anybody attention thanks to its countless qualities and its unique look. We would like to count them, though, to give you the chance to be truly impressed.

Its grain, together with its softness and thinness, gives you an incredible feeling to the touch. Its waxed surface makes it look like both elegant and luxurious. Its color range, from the white to the red, perfectly suits any request. All of this enriched by its drummed aspect and high defined hot printing.


Feel the softness

Thought to be the unconventional way to see the back patch, this label also fits perfectly inside the denim garment, whether it’s a pair of jeans or a jacket.

Born to be applied before industrial washings and to be part of the denim during its each treatment, its folds are a synonym of resistance and a sign of prestige. These two features, together with the possibility to be printed in any color make it a really unique product.

How not to mention its eco-friendly and sustainable connotation, since it does not imply animals and besides all said above, its super affordable price. Now you just have to try them!


Size matters, we must say.

We can’t help pushing ourselves to the limit. We wanted to exaggerate and we did it. More unexpected,
more stunning, more surprising, more everything.
There’s only one thing that remains the same: our materials’ choice. You can go for a classic leather
label, or approach the most technical fabric, the heat transfer. Otherwise, you could go further and opt
for the woven label that goes above and beyond what we expect of it.


It’s a custom made jacquard woven fabric that becomes part of the garment in the sewing procedure.
Impressive results are achieved with stone-washing and stone-bleaching treatments.
The second one, in particular, creates a vintage and luxurious effect on the label which makes it the most adaptable product for any need.


This label seems to be perfect not only for the application on a already dyed garment, but also for being dyed together with the cloth. It does not wash out and its natural color is preserved, nonetheless this treatment gives the label an incredible used look.


Leather has always been a valuable material and a synonimous of excellence in the world of labels and denim.
So, why not challenge creativity and put it on jeans jackets?


Heat Transfer labels are a great choice for customers who want to brand their clothing without the bulk of a woven or printed label.
Due to his specific features, the heat-on label don’t fade even after dozens of washes and this makes it totally suitable for athletic gear or workout clothes.


Soft Touch

A lyrical blend when velvet meets leather and the elegance of wool.

A meeting full of marvels the one between velvet and leather.
An impressive blast of colours on a solid background. Soft touch on a compact bedding, the golden duo, plush and strong.

The classic grace of wool, noble and eternal.
A timeless beauty.


Animal Free

It's leather in all respects, in its appearance and touch but it's animal-free. Catch the beauty of leather and release animals.


The premium vintage

If you are looking for that worn look for your denim, now you have more choices: you can go with our already known grungy treatment or you can choose our brand new “well worn” treatment to give your labels a luxury look for your premium products.
Our R&D department has developed a new treatment that gives the labels a “cleaner” worn look like that which you find in the renowned vintage archives.4

All this supported by Global Recycled Standards certifying that both the products and Panama Trimmings comply with its requirements.


One Step Further

The recycled leather labels, a great way to respect the environment, are enriched with new contents and their meaning of socially-conscious style improve even more in the look and feel.
Vintage treatments, heavy stainings, foil printings, thick colour printings and much more to oer to the look and the feel of traditional leather. Whereas the reuse of leftover leather is the only way to go green, there is no reason to renounce to a vibrant and charming appearance.

All this supported by Global Recycled Standards certifying that both the products and Panama Trimmings comply with its requirements.


A further mark has been reached with the PU Heat-Transfer patches: the EASY STICK material. The entire range of performances linked to the heat-transfer PU are synthesized on a new raw material which makes the application easier.

The paper on the back has to be removed as usual but since the back of the polyurethane film has an adhesive when the label is placed onto the garment it won't move, facilitating and speeding up the application with the pressure equipment. Labels could be all previously pre-placed onto the garments for a quicker and later on application, reducing the time normally needed in front of the pressure equipment.


Velvety texture and matte finish for our NEW colours of luxurious SUEDE. A refined and elegant label which keeps its authentic look in a supple feel. A timeless style from season to season, a classic look with the best durability.
From a light grey to a navy through a trendy yellow, just make your choice among wonderful colours. Suede can be easily hot printed or skilfully embroidered, in any case your Brand and garment will have an added value.
With a look and touch which is very similar to nubuck, suede is supplied at a very competitive price and better flexibility in terms of colours and quantities.


Colors that shimmer and change like those of the rainbow meet the beauty of the leather and play with heat-transfer materials. A polychromatic detail reminding the radiant colors of spring and summer,a natural and sparkling piece of nature. Many-colored wings flying through the flavours of spring and summer.
Color-shifting displays in nature and in labelling.


The union between tools-maker ability and hot printing technology shows the development of a micro high relief. The mini high relief represents a high-tech evolution.
Now this special branding element can be done also on small patches whereas in the past it was not possible. A fine printing to point up the name of your brand in multiple garment position, not only on a back patch but also on a small flag to be folded on the pocket, on a small tag to be stitched onto a knitted item and much more.


Stay away from dangerous products and meet the certified recycled leather which has always been friendly with nature but never so beautiful and rich of options. It is now dressed up with new patterns, relief and treatments. It's difficult even for expertise people to see the difference between a normal leather quality and the recycled one. In the past it was mainly selected only for its being friendly with nature and gentle with the environment, now it's time to select it for its beauty and value for money.


The world of woven labels changed and changed a lot. It's not a trim you must have on the garment, it's much more now. Technology reached the woven patch making it worn.
Progress stays on the possibility of buying already worn patch. Normally the woven patch is stitched onto the garment without any special worries on how it will become after normal washing or industrial ones. Others were the accessories thought to follow and match the mood of the garment. The evolvement is to have a worn woven patch which is normally the one you should have unstitched from an old used garment.


The high embossed leather represents the top step of the technological achievement in the field of embossing.
A turning point with respect to the past technology which requested the use of silicone to obtain high and lasting embossed logo. No more silicone or foam or any other filling materials. Leather and high tech is all we need to prepare a real 3D embossed look. The final result is a popping up logo in a patch where the brand name becomes the main star.


Heat-transfer patch with embossed logo, the step further to the normal heat-transfer patch.

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