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Cork is an extraordinary material having many properties: elastic, resilient, light, impermeable and durable, but first of all it's natural and recycled.
Industry is slowly learning how to use natural resources having a more environmentally conscious behaviour.

Cork is the bark of oaks, the tree is not killed of course but its bark is harvested and will re-generate.
Cork is a perfectly sustainable product and we use it for back patches and heat on ones.


The recycled leather is made with leftover coming from wet-blue leather, instead of throwing them away, these scraps are re-bonded. GRS certificate granted.
Chemical Test Reports available.
We have some available colours, plain and melange as well. A specific and customized colour can be prepared.
It can be hot printed and colour printed, inks, to always stay at the level of sustainable products, will be water based inks. Price depends on quantity but for a medium size patch (new, without treatments) we are around 0,22€.

Link file: Download GRS certification


This nice biodegradable fake-material will safely biologically degrade in the environment and return to organic compounds found in nature. We have 8 available colours, hot printing gives to the material a very natural leather-look. Price is very attractive.

Link file: Download DIOD file


It is free of course from the Chrome VI which is the banned/dangerous one but it has the lowest value of normal Chrome, the one used for normally tanning the leather.
The Chrome-free is the most similar leather to the vegetable tanned but it hasn't the typical issues of the vegetable one: shrinkage and bleeding.
We have 5 available colours but we can study customized ones as well.
It can be hot printed and colour printed, inks, to always stay at the level of sustainable products, will be water based inks. All Chemical Tests Reports available.


The new age of fake-material is represented by the solvent-free.
This product is free from DMF Dimethylformamide, an element which has been always used in the production of fake-material as a solvent.
The thing is that DMF entered in the Restricted List in UE and it's kept under control for the Roadmap to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).


Jacron, the washable paper-like material, is probably one of the most famous material used and known for producing labels, used for decades by everybody and everywhere. Now, we have the certified one, the product has OEKO-TEX and Forest Stewardship Council (SFC) certification ensuring that it comes from well managed forests.
Price is as competitive as the normal jacron price, starting from 0,040 € /pc label.


Friendly with nature labels washed with NoStone innovative system.
No more stones and less water consumption thanks to the new system created by Tonello: the NoStone.
The existing stone-wash process is replaced by a more sustainable washing system reducing costs and environmental impact.

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