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Special treatments and tanning allow our leathers to be washed in water with a minimum shrinkage, without spotting or fading and without bleeding. Leather does a better job when treated perfectly as our one, being suitable for garments that must be home-washed. Chrome tanned leathers are desirable because of their high performances. Finishings are unlimited and provide a very rich and distinctive look to our labels whether we are talking about a pull-up type leather or a greasy wax type.

Tough enough for resisting a life time, comfortable enough to follow the pant/jeans as a second skin, durable yet soft. The deep richness after treatments with oils, waxes and dyes give to the leather a mark of high quality, it will age nicely.


A new era has come for jacron, the washable and very resistance paper-like material which has been used over years, is now much better, less paper touch and more leather touch.

A new recipe improving performances and look of the patch. Clean, used-look, stained, dyed, good all around.

Cut-price is another virtue of this versatile new product.


The world of fake-materials offers an endless spectra of colours, textures, makeup but our main achievement is the bio-d fake, a biodegradable material having all needed certificates to meet with the most demanding customer. Pleasant in the look, honest in the price but especially environment friendly.


Very light, oeko tex class heat-transfer patches in polyurethane film, available in all colours, very easy to be applied on most fabrics and denim. Very flexible and soft touch material, great adhesive performances and excellent resistance, value for money and competitive to woven patch.

Multi-skilled heat-transfer patches are inflected into a variety of different raw materials: cotton, pocket lining, satin, microfibre, leather. A new way of having a fresh branded label, an all-around patch which can become a size label, a care label, a back-patch, whatever you need.


Ready-to dye labels represent a very good option for customers willing to have one passepartout label that goes to any garment and will nicely take the same dyeing colour.

Quick deliveries and minimized costs complete the appealing set.


To stay in the area of products having a very low impact on nature, the recycled leather is largely something that companies having a corporate social responsability should take into account. This product has GRS certificate. Its appearance is tempting and price is seductive.


Uncommon creative insights for giving an essence to an always there label.
Made-to-measure woven labels for people attentive to detail.
An ever-present label into the garment becomes a window of opportunity, it could be simple and essential or complex and premium but it should never be a fail in branding with beauty.


Hang-tag as an additional branding tool complementing your garment, an additional touch not only an empty and boring piece of paper. Your brand name and concept will stand out. We produce a variety of customized hang-tags from the basic ones to the most creative ones, matching your labels and the entire identity of the garment. Any size, shape, colours, material, printing, strings and more.


The finest metal studs to be applied on labels or directly onto the clothing. Plain, customized, with various finishings and treatments, an ideal high quality product to put much more value on your garment.


Not only back patches but also zip-puller, stopper, piping, loop, hanger, belt loop, eyelet, bindings, strings and more.
Any trims, improving and customizing the garment, can be realized using leather or other raw materials depending on customers requirements. Plain or printed, always washable, resistant and value for money.


Our noos programme (never out of stock) is the jolly we offer to customers organized enough to give us open orders in advance. We can plan productions some months ahead granting the most competitive prices and labels ready in stock when necessary with a few days deliveries.


Our raw materials are all investigated partially in our internal lab. and mainly outside at certified international lab. Bleeding, resistance, shrinkage, discloring, chemical contents, aspect of the finished labels after domestic washings, the entire life of our merchandise is submitted to analysis and at the very end of this, we close happily with the quality control department reviewing labels' look.

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